30 years of studies and statistics…

Founded 30 years ago, the Sphinx story is a tale of decision-assistance enthusiasts who spread to generations of future users a real taste for research, a spirit of curiosity and an appetite for foresight and planning. First serving as an “accomplice” for teachers, researchers and students, little by little Sphinx became the top reference for all players involved with questionnaire-based surveys, whether they hail from the sectors of education, large administrations, industry or even consulting firms. 30 years have passed since the first algorithms were laid down. From the DOS generation to the Y generation, uses and technologies have progressed. From SaaS-solution software to the first dashboards integrating intelligent-tabulation tools, from purely quantitative analysis to studies successfully combining qualitative and quantitative aspects, from face-to-face interviews to dissemination on smartphones, the field of studies and surveys has been considerably enriched by new approaches, new methods, new tools, new technologies – all of which Sphinx has taken on, with its sights set on continual progression.

In 30 years, Sphinx has grown to be a brand :

the brand for surveys and statistics. Whether you are a project manager, a Marketing director, HR, researcher or a just casual interviewer, with Sphinx you’ll find the power and expertise to shed new light on your studies – from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Sphinx Software

In this era of Cloud Computing, our software solutions are enriched with numerous innovations: online reporting, mobile-device surveys, textual analysis, data mining, full-web solutions, access panels, and more. Naturally the original algorithms are still on hand, but the power, performance and functional abundance of our solutions show how much ground we’ve covered while never sacrificing user-friendliness.

Sphinx Institute

We’ve thoroughly developed our range of services so that you’ll benefit to the utmost from our twinned technological and methodological expertise. Depending on your needs, our Study unit will manage all or part of your projects, from designing questionnaires to disseminating results, and will offer specific customized options. We’ll guide you in your decision-making so as to convey powerful, explicit and clear results.

Sphinx training courses

Because we are totally convinced of the necessity to constantly improve the way we accompany you in your study projects, our training courses and different assistance solutions will ensure that you perfectly master survey techniques and methods, and that you optimize your software use. You’ll have your projects well in hand and gain in autonomy.