Project assistance


Boost the use of your software with us on board!

When you’re perfecting a survey – whether simple or highly-specific – we can offer the expert help of a research officer for your choice of key steps. Thanks to the officer’s highly-targeted project-specific recommendations, you’ll be able to keep your hand in, and gain in self-assurance and skills so that you’ll be able to manage your surveys and data analysis in more independent manner. This assistance is proffered through phone and e-mail appointments, in sessions which are customized with remote access/intervention on your computer.

Sphinx Institute will help you along every step of your project :

Assistance in configuring questionnaires Setting up call-backs, scales, scores, random image rotations, quiz compiling and more


Assistance in dispatching and data collecting Publishing your survey, scheduling your first e-mail campaign and managing follow-ups, rectification, survey merging…


Help in configuring analyses Production of personalized spreadsheets and importance/performance matrices, text analyses, computation of automatic variables, multivariate analyses, and others


Methodological advice From designing questionnaires to interpretation of the findings


Personalized backing to move your project forward at just the right time :

  • Customized advice on data collection, diffusion and results’ analysis , thanks to Sphinx’s methodological expertise and software
  • A further step towards autonomy, so that you can manage your surveys with great skill and complete confidence
  • You’ll have your own personally-assigned research officer as your preferred contact for the duration of the assistance period
  • Intervention via e-mail or telephone, with screen-share, pertinent to your needs
Thanks to our customized recommendations, grow more independent in carrying out your studies!