Let your data speak out and bring life to your results

The latest Sphinx software, DATAVIV’ is an analysis solution and a data visualization tool. It’s a unique software, permitting to construct interactive dashboards and combining the power of advanced statistical analysis to the data visualization richness. Your survey data come to life throughout talking and impacting graphs by fostering results of your survey key elements.

BOOSTING your prensentations through screenwriting results !

● Create dynamic and impacting dashboards throughout profile filtering functionalities, drill-down analysis, use the overviewing modalities to make your results more user-friendly.
● Presentation is made simple and quick with data drag and drop: get storytelling results, significant features are put forward, impacting survey facts are shown in friendly views.


CAPTIVATE your audience with data-visualization !

● Provide a large choice of new graphs to make a visual and communicating presentation: heat map, Bubble Chart, Tree Map, compass rose…
● Sharing result in interactive reporting form, allowing your readers to manipulate your data and stimulate implication.

ANALYZE, EXPLORE and get the best of your digital data !

● Comparing profiles, exploring your data, get benefit of many quantitative & qualitative analysis and let your results speak: comparative analysis, geographic map, 3 D boards, interactive word clouds…
● An alliance between data visualization and analysis to emerge major study trends and getting appropriate decision making.

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Discover an example of reporting made with DATAVIV’

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