The range of Sphinx software solutions


A full line of software covering all your needs

Sphinx offers you a full range of data collection and analysis solutions. With more than 30 years’ experience in software development, we’re renewing continually to innovate and offer ever more top-line tools to meet present day user needs.

Software solutions, for each of your projects:

Managing responsive design Smartphone, tablet or PC? You no longer need to ask yourself which input platforms your responders are using: Sphinx automatically adapts its questionnaires and their content to the size of the users’ screens.

Multi-channel deployment Send-outs by e-mails with management of follow-up contacts, responses via panelist relays, website embedding or face-to-face data input on offline tablets: for each and every data gathering concern our software provides just the right technological and methodical solution.

Managing panels Perhaps you wish to set up a consumer or client panel to streamline your decision-making processes or test new products or concepts? Our Sphinx Community platform has all the necessary resources to structure and manage your panel.

Quanti-Quali analysis Because the real gems of a survey often lie deep in responders’ spontaneous verbatims, we provide text analytics functions to extract the essence of data and fully mine the contents of your open-ended questions.

Shared reporting platforms The studies field is continually progressing and more and more targeted at real-time data management. For this reason our solutions enable implementation of sharing-based applications and conveying of condensed or detailed indicators, completely secure and directly online.

Statistics and decision-making assistance Because we’re fully integrated within research circles, we’re convinced that statistics should be available to everyone. That’s why we do our utmost to systematically integrate statistics into all our software, focusing on learning and user-friendly approaches. Our solutions should enlighten you in your decision making by ensuring reliability and expertise of results.

Make the most of our software line’s vast possibilities :

Sphinx iQ 2 The top-flight multi-channel software for surveys and data analysis designed for research officers

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Sphinx Declic The SaaS solution for quick and successful online surveys

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