Sphinx Community

The best method for a qualified on-line panel.

Sphinx Community is an integration solution for constituting and managing proprietary panels and online communities. It allows for a global angle to be taken on panel questioning, from hiring members on through to circulating online surveys and processing data. This solution also has the additional advantage of establishing regular exchanges with the panel, for a community-based marketing approach.

As low as 2 000 € (plus tax)

Areas of application

– Scheduling regular surveys with a panel of contributors, testers, employees, interns, customers, readers…

– Fast online survey send-out to targeted samples

– Structuring of a customized panel

– Animating a community of panel members (recent events, newsletter, retribution…)

A qualified online panel to maximize targeting

With Sphinx Community you can pick and choose a qualified online panel. The members are hired pursuant to an online enrollment form sent via e-mail campaign or accessible on a web site. The qualification of the members is established through profiles and customized criteria, and these later provide flexibility and reactivity in selecting panel members more specifically concerned by a given study project.

Scheduling and circulating attractive studies

It’s possible with Sphinx Community to schedule and circulate surveys among selected members. The design of customized online questionnaires includes all types of questions and interactive elements for the most attractive surveys. Invitations are circulated by e-mail, with tracking, follow-up contact and quota management.

Real-time tracking and analysis of results

Through Sphinx Community you’ll obtain access to real-time survey result tracking and analysis. The data points are scrutinized, immediately processed and made accessible in customized dashboards which can be shared through access links.


Managing and animating an online community

Last of all, Sphinx Community covers the management and animation of panels, in order to regularly stimulate awareness among members, through several features such as a personalized welcome page for members, identification and tracking of their activity and handling of incentives and retributions.

Would you like to benefit from access to a panel without composing a proprietary panel? Thanks to Sphinx’s partnership with Panel Cint, you’ll have access to 7 million panelists: direct access from our systems to a worldwide group of panelists, multi-criteria selection, rapid obtention of replies.

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