Sphinx Declic

The must for quick and successful online surveys

Sphinx Declic is the go-to web solution entirely dedicated to online surveys. User-friendly, effective and excellent performer, it judiciously integrates all survey functions: from questionnaire design to web/mobile data collection and on through to shared qualitative and quantitative analyses. All-in-one, and all online.

As little as 990 € (plus tax)

Saas mode a web survey solution that’s accessible with no prior installation

Quick a tool adapted to quick and successful ad hoc surveys

Inexpensive an advantageous price for a well-rounded solution

DESIGN Immediate elaboration of your questionnaire

In an intuitive and dynamic environment, Sphinx Declic lets you directly edit stimulating questionnaires with more than 15 types of questions, starting from models which are customizable to your graphic charter. Scenario-structuring features help shape and complete the questionnaire.

DIFFUSION A multitude of collection options

Because every reply counts, Sphinx Declic offers a whole range of modern collection or diffusion options that can be rolled out as needed: e-mail send-out including follow-up contacts, data collection on smartphones and tablets, access to a panel of over 7 million members, while still attending to the issue of responsive design.

ANALYSIS Quick and effective analysis of your results

Your results can’t afford to wait. That’s why Sphinx Declic lets you reap the essence of your analyses with just a few clicks, in real time, thanks to an automated tabulation system. You’ll also enjoy features that do cross-sorting and analysis of open-ended questions which will enable you to clarify them, before easily sharing them online.