Sphinx Campus

The comprehensive structure for teaching about surveys.

Working conjointly with teacher-researchers, Sphinx has perfected an innovative educational solution oriented to teaching survey methods and techniques. To simplify learning-by-doing, on the one hand Sphinx Campus has compiled a full range of online surveys for use by teachers and students and, on the other hand, educational materials which can be instantly deployed by instructors.

As little as 1 150 € (plus tax)

Instructive a combined educational content and web survey solution

Flexible a tool to encourage independent work by students

Innovative a stimulating and interactive centralized e-learning hub

TO CREATE or adapt existing courses

In an intuitive and dynamic environment, Sphinx Campus allows you to directly invent your own teaching track, starting from a “questionnaire-based survey techniques” framework of courses and tutorials (structured in 12 sequences). In parallel, a list of educational activities is available, as well as a bibliography and packaged teaching tools for instructors.

TO ILLUSTRATE COURSES Enlightening case studies

Since nothing is better than learning through concrete examples, Sphinx Campus provides model surveys and case studies on numerous topics. These are specifically chosen to treat the key issues of a study. Corresponding data files are also supplied, for optimal training on the software.


Sphinx Campus is a comprehensive tool for online surveys dedicated to conducting studies within an educational context. It helps manage all steps of a project: designing questionnaires, sending them out on multiple channels (e-mail, tablets and smartphones in offline mode, access to a 7 million member panel base, social media, QR code…) and real-time analysis and results sharing. Teachers are given their own individual access and can open accounts for their students.